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WhatsApp Per Auto Reply ksy lagain? 

​Kabhi Kabhi Aesa Hota Hai Ke Hum Kisi Aesi Jagah Par Hoty Hain Jahan Hum Kisi Ko WhatsApp Pe Ans Nhi De Sakty, To Phir Kyun Na Hum WhatsApp Pe Auto Reply Laga Dain? Taake Koi Bhi Humko WhatsApp Pe Message Kare To Usko Auto Raply Mil Jae.

Us Ke Liye Ap Yeh Application Download Karain 
Phir Us Main Koi Bhi Message Likh Dain To Koi Bhi Apko Message Karega To Usko Auto Reply Mil Jaega.
Note: Ap As Application Main Apni Marzi Se Message Rakh Sakty Hain

Matlab Ap Bahar Kahin Masroof Hon To Yeh Likhain Ke 

“Sorry Main Bahar Hon Baad Main Apko Ans De Dunga” 



simplicity is mine.

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